M9 Vet Ultrasound

M9 Vet

Ultrasound system

Premium Veterinary Ultrasound

Mindray’s premium hand-carried ultrasound system is ideal for performing veterinary examinations. The M9 Vet ultrasound platform is equipped with 3T transducer technology, unique echo boost, and HDR Flow which oers the best in performance, especially for cardiology.


mQuadro Imaging Architecture

mQuadro consists of industry leading architecture, advanced transmission and reception, powerful parallel processing and intelligent algorithms allowing for higher image resolution and color sensitivity. This enhances diagnostic capabilities.


3T Transducer Technology

Mindray’s unique transducer technology to increase acoustic bandwith and transmission eciency:

  • Triple-matching layer design
  • Total-cut design
  • Thermal-control design
Veterinary Ultrasound - Mindray M9

Professional Design for Veterinary Use

Dedicated Veterinary Software

  • Data information
  • Exam modes
  • Body marks
  • Measurements and reports

Advanced Features

  • High quality CW imaging
  • TDI and quantitative analysis for condent cardiology analysis
  • Tissue Tracking quantitative analysis for advanced myocardial study
  • Auto measurement including Auto PW trace, Auto EF etc.

Innovative Design

Robust Magnesium-alloy Body

  • 15.6” LED HD monitor
  • Built-in battery providing 90min scanning time
  • High capacity SSD hard drive

High Mobility Multi-function Trolley

  • Built-in quick & easy locking system
  • Over 3.5 hours scanning with trolley-mounted battery
  • Extended 3 transducer connectors
M9 Vet Ultrasound