M8 Elite

Ultrasound system

Premium Capability, Easy Mobility

Premium imaging enabled by a powerful platform

The M8 Elite diagnostic ultrasound system offers users a fully-featured platform with premium image quality. Advanced system processing and newly designed adaptive algorithms raise the bar to a new level of overall performance. Combined with single crystal transducers and 3T™ technology, this compact mobile ultrasound system delivers robust and reliable performance at the bedside, in the office, or in the interventional suite. Highly focused features make the M8 Elite the ideal technological partner in vascular, women’s imaging, and shared service applications. With its slim profile and ergonomic design, the M8 Elite is a powerful, versatile, and mobile addition to ultrasound imaging


  • Single Crystal Transducer for better penetration
  • Advanced imaging withEcho Boost™
  • 3D/4D imaging and iPage function
  • Contrast imaging

The M8 Elite diagnostic ultrasound system combines premium performance and versatility in a compact, mobile design.