Hand-carried Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Premium class imaging tool

  • High speed response and exceptional image quality
  • System On Chip (SOC) design enables complex technologies to be built into the M7’s compact chassis


Designed for the veterinary environment

  • Power up in seconds
  • One key image optimization 15″ LCD display
  • Anti-shock magnesium case, anti-spill control panel
  • Sealed surface for easy cleaning/infection control
  • Multiple transducer connectors (optional)


Premium performance through advanced technologies

  • Multiple frequency broadband imaging
  • iZoom™: enables accurate viewing of image for users from distance
  • iClear™: speckle suppression technology
  • iBeam™: spatial compounding
  • iStation™: on board workstation for patient information management and connectivity
  • Wired and wireless connectivity: DICOM