Alpinion Ultrasound

Innovation Meets Portability. Indeed.

Offering a powerful and stable cart-based system architecture and breakthrough design with sliding keyboard cover,
The E-CUBE i7 delivers excellent imaging performance with an ergonomic design for your comfort during scanning.
The compact i7 is versatile, featuring application-specific imaging technology with advanced transducers.
From the bedside to the procedure room, the E-CUBE i7 provides ease-of-use and workflow efficiency.

The innovative system architecture

The advantages of a cart-based system made the innovative portable system, E-CUBE i7 Thanks to this powerful and stable architecture, the E-CUBE i7 delivers remarkably excellent and uniform image performance throughout its lifetime.The innovative system architecture

Ecellent Imaging Quality

Crystal signature

  • High class single crystal transducer technology

  • ALPINION’s world leading single crystal technology, provides higher sensitivity, better penetration, and less heat degradation.

High frequency enhance linear transducer

  • The E-CUBE i7 features a high-frequency linear transducer, the hockey stick-shaped IO8-17T.
  • The IO8-17T is ideal for imaging for superficial, nerve blocks, and vascular procedures.

More than 80% of sonographers experience work-related pain and more than 20% of these suffer a career-ending injury.*

* Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Industry Standard for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Sonography. May 2003.


1 hour battery life / 7.2kg Lightweight system

Fast boot-up

Less than 45 seconds

Library Quiet

Library(30dB) / E-CUBE i7(31dB)

Extended transducer

Connection up to 3 ports