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In today’s fast-paced and demanding healthcare environment, clinicians are challenged to identify high-risk patients efficiently, track disease progression quantifiably, and make informed decisions to optimize treatment efficacy throughout the care continuum. To address these evolving needs and support our vision of better healthcare for all, Mindray continues to develop innovative solutions that streamline workflow, and align with the financial goals of a broader range of institutions.

The DC-88 Ultrasound System with X-Insight focuses on clinician requirements, such as providing a more comprehensive and dedicated solution to ultrasound imaging and improving product usability to enhance diagnostic confidence. Based on an insightful look into customer needs, the DC-88 System is designed to deliver high efficiency and dynamic performance, with intelligent, precise, and clear imaging. Through innovative solutions like the DC-88 System, Mindray is committed to putting healthcare within reach.

High Efficiency with precision imaging

The DC-88 Ultrasound System delivers outstanding performance with advanced capabilities for addressing your diagnostic requirements across a wide range of applications. This System includes Sound Touch Elastography (STE), Ultra-Wideband Non-Linear (UWN+) contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), complete quantitative tools for vascular perfusion analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as Smart Plane CNS.