M7 Premium

Ultrasound system

Hand-Carried Ultrasound System

Expanding Excellence in Performance

The Mindray M7 Premium ultrasound system epitomizes the optimal combination of advanced imaging and miniaturization technologies. Mindray’s research and development engineers employ a unique design architecture enabling complex technologies to be built into the system’s compact laptop design plus provide energy efficiency and high reliability. The M7 Premium system’s exceptional image quality, user experience, and versatility have expanded the performance and flexibility of hand­ carried ultrasound systems.


Technologies within Reach

Tissue Doppler Imaging with Quantitative Analysis (TDI and TDI-QA)

Supported by Mindray’s unique 3T™ technology, the M7 Premium syst em significantly improves the

performance ofTissue  Doppler  Imaging. Combined  with a comprehensive quantitative analysis package enabling parameter outputs such as velocity, strain  and  strain rate, TDI-QA performs with ease and is ideal for bedside scanning.



Second generation iNeedle+ technology allows automatic needle angle detection and enhances needle visibility during interventional procedures.


UWN+ Contrast Imaging (Ultra-Wideband, Non-linear)

Mindray’s second generation UWN+ (Ultra-Wideband Non-Linear) CEUS imaging uses both harmonic and fundamental signals to improve contrast and temporal resolution during CEUS studies.


New Transducers and Applications

The new C11-3s micro-convex transducer comes with improved image quality . The new L16-4Hs linear array (hockey stick) transducer  will allow the M7 Premium system to address the clinical needs in both intraoperative vascular and MSK applications.

 Optimized Efficiency

The M7 Premium system also provides efficient operation with automatic measurement tools, flexible connectivity, and user-friendly ergonomics. This results in helping to reduce exam times and improve the scanning experience.

Natural Touch Elastography

Based on Mindray’s exclusive technology, Natural touch Elastography is able to automate steps during breast, thyroid, or MSK examinations, thus reducing dependence on the user’s operations technique and improving reproducibility for increased clinical utility.


Smart Track

Smart Track enables automatic color box optimization and accurate Doppler gate placement, ensuring the optimal and best display for color flow and spectral Doppler signal.